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“How much longer before I get called?” is a question we often find ourselves asking the secretary at the front desk after waiting for a long time to see our doctor. While we do our best to keep on schedule, it is not always possible. Our clinic understands that wait times can be long and frustrating.

Here are some reasons you may have a longer than expected wait:

  • Sometimes patients can cause your healthcare provider to run late because they have other issues that arise after they book their appointment causing a 15 minute appointment to run over.
  • Medical emergencies are impossible to avoid and sometimes your healthcare provider may need to spend time assessing the situation thoroughly.
  • We are a teaching facility and sometimes your healthcare provider may be interrupted briefly to consult and teach.
  • There are times where patients need to be “squeezed” into your healthcare providers’ schedule due to an urgent health matter.
  • Some healthcare providers at this clinic work at the hospital as well and there may be times where rotations at the hospital take longer than expected.

Some tips to help you deal with these wait times:

  • Be prepared that sometimes a wait is unavoidable; your wait time will appear less stressful if you are prepared and know ahead of time you might be waiting for your healthcare provider.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Avoid booking appointments back-to back as this will create more stress for yourself (e.g. if you need to pick up your children afterschool, either book an appointment for first thing in the morning or after you are finished picking them up).
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