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Notice to Dr. Leger's Patients

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Notice to Dr. Leger’s Patients

  • Because of a severe medical condition, Dr. Leger will need to decrease his practice by one half effective August 7, 2018. 
  • Letters notifying patients that will no longer be provided care by Dr. Leger or the Southlake Academic Family Health Team will be sent out the week of July 23rd by email or regular mail.
  • Please note, the decision on which patients will remain with Dr. Leger has made per his regulating College criteria.  As a result, Dr. Leger and his staff at his office are unable to make changes to this decision

For those patients who will no longer be receiving care:

  • Up to August 7, 2018, Dr. Leger will have limited access for in-person appointments (see next section for further details).
  • After August 7, 2018, you will need to attend the emergency department or a walk-in clinic for acute issues. You will need to find a new family physician to look after your other ongoing issues.
  •  If you require a copy of a test result, lab report, etc. for these appointments, our clinic will provide this to you upon request. 
  • If required, Dr. Leger will process prescription renewals until November 07, 2018
  • If required, Dr. Leger will act on specialty consults reports, if the referral was made before August 07, 2018 until November 07, 2018.
  • To help transition your care to another family physician, Dr. Leger can do the following upon request:
    1. Transfer your chart to a new physician
    2. Make a copy of your chart that you can pick up at our clinic. 
  • This will be done at a reasonable cost.
  • In order to request this, you must complete the Patient Transfer of Medical Records Form.  This form must be faxed to our office at 905-853-2533 or given to our office directly.
  • When transferring charts to new physicians or providing you a copy of your chart, Dr. Leger will also provide a summary for follow-up issues that should be reviewed with your new physician (note, this is not a chart audit).
  • If you are looking for a new family physician, please see the list of local physicians taking on new patients in the area. 

For all patients of Dr. Leger:

  • Due to Dr. Leger’s medical condition, our clinic is unable to facilitate all appointment requests for his patients at this time. 
  • As such, when you contact our office for an appointment, the staff may direct you to a walk in clinic or the emergency department.  If you require a test result, lab report, etc. for this issue, our staff will provide this to you. 
  • When attending an appointment with Dr. Leger, it is essential that you do not attend if you have an acute infectious disease (e.g., cold, flu, etc.) or if a family member has an acute infectious disease in the prior two weeks.  If this occurs, please advise our administrative staff at the time of booking or before coming to the clinic for your appointment.  Failure to adhere to these expectations may have life threatening implications for Dr. Leger if he is exposed to even routine infections.
  • While in person visits may be limited, please be assured that Dr. Leger will be continuing to manage lab and diagnostic reports, prescription renewals, and specialty consult reports on your behalf.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this very difficult time for Dr. Leger.

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